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CDAC Membership

The CDAC members and their support bring a strength to the breed in our country. It gives us the possibilities such as organizing activities, shows with renowned and worldwide recognized judges, seminars of information on the breed, it helps finance the activities of the club, the on-line publishing of the website and the creation of fund raising activities. It also allows us to create new shirt designs, badges and other tools of promotions. The more members and support we have, the more the circulation of information becomes simple.  Finding a good breeder can be hard, the information and the resources we provide can assure to make your search in finding a good breeder that suits you best, easier. Most important to educate yourself within the breed so you know exactly what it is you’re looking for. Our information and ressources concerning the education, the training, the behavior and the feeding are also easier to find in our community. We want to offer to our members as many tools as possible to make their life as a dogo owner, future owner or breeder easier.

then $50.00 per Year

Number of courses 2
Dogo Argentino Fundamentals
Dogo Argentino Puppy Fundamentals